doing things for my and other people's pleasure since 1963
i grew up in steffisburg, berne; raised by a caring mum and an autodidactic
multi-instrumentalist and artist dad, together with a sister and a dog.
i played the flute and collected records instead of doing my homework.
somehow i became a teacher anyhow, then worked in fashion, painted and went to acting school in nyc.
home again i was a teacher and after that became some kind of a local radiolegend.
some say that i am a highly praised author which flatters me a lot, naturally. my readings are followed by a constantly growing and good-looking audience.
i love my wife and children, cheese and everything that’s been made carefully. i try to be modest, caring and a good dad.
i support local cheese makers, farmers and the only footballclub in town.

all i do is about words, music & etc.

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